A Message from Administration


Corporate annual reports are generally attempts to tell the public how well your business has been doing and what you expect in the future. Twenty or thirty pages later with a full array of charts, grafts, projections, pictures and etc., you are assured that business was good and will continue on this path.

​We, at Circles of Care, have elected to direct your attention to our website which clearly tells the story of our organization, its services, programs, locations, goals, vision, mission and values. Also included are the administrative staff, board of directors, information regarding career opportunities, and ways to contact us to provide you with more information.

​What you cannot show in any report, chart or graph is the loyalty, skill, dedication, caring and hard work that our staff provide each and every day to everyone we are privileged to serve. In addition, we are blessed with a super Board of Directors, who provide their time and talents to guide and direct our purpose and mission. Without these two organization components, nothing in this report would have any relevance or meaning.

​Since 1963, our organization has provided innovative and progressive programs to meet the community's need for behavioral healthcare and we are dedicated to do so for years to come.

​We sincerely appreciate your interest and support in our organization and look forward to any comments that you would like to share with us.


Circles of Care Administration