President & CEO, David Feldman
David L. Feldman, CPA, CBHE
President & CEO
Executive Vice President, Jason Wieseler
Jason Wieseler, Psy.D
Executive Vice President
Vice President of Clinical Services, Dr. Brry Hensel
Barry L. Hensel, Ph.D.
Vice President of
Clinical Services

Vice President of Information Services, Stephen Lord
Stephen L. Lord, Ed.S
Vice President of
Information Services
Vice President of Business Finance
Willliam L. Vintroux, CPA
Vice President of
Business Finance & Treasurer
Vice President of Human Resources, Linda Brannon
Linda L. Brannon, PHR
Vice President of
Human Resources
Chief of Medical Staff, Dr. Jose Alvarez
Jose Alvarez, M.D.
Chief of Medical Staff
Director of Nursing Services, Norris Cunningham
Norris Cunnningham, RN
Director of
Nursing Services