This information was carefully developed with the help of individuals who receive or sought service from us. It explains about Circles of Care, Inc., what you should expect from our staff and treatment, and what you need to do for the most effective treatment.

First Appointment:

To make your first appointment with a Circles of Care provider, please call our Access Department 321-890-1550.

A trained specialist will discuss your needs and how either Circles of Care or another resource in the community best can help. If Circles of Care is the best choice, the Access Department will help you choose the best site for an appointment, make the appointment, and tell you what to bring to the appointment.​​

Additional Appointments

After your first appointment, your counselor will make any additional appointments for you.


If you need to cancel your appointment, please call the office 24 hours (one working day) before the appointment. If an emergency occurs the day of your appointment and you cannot keep it, please call the office to cancel.

***Repeated cancellations of appointments may cause us to stop providing services.

Office Closures:

If an office must be closed unexpectedly due to weather or other event, the office staff will try to reach you by phone, if possible. They will attempt to reschedule your appointment. Announcements of office closings, particularly due to weather, frequently are on local radio and television stations.

Interpreter Services For The Hearing-Impaired
If you are deaf or hard of hearing, you are entitled to interpreter services at no cost to you. Please inform staff of the services needed. In addition, services may be accessed through Florida Relay by dialing 7-1-1 or calling toll free:
1-800-955-8770 (Voice)
1-800-955-9771 (TTY)
1-877-955-8773 (Spanish)