We are excited to announce our merger with PREVENT! of Brevard

PREVENT! of Brevard, a local not-for profit substance abuse company, announced that it would merge into Circles of Care, Inc. The new organization would continue using the Circles of Care name. The merger will allow for more comprehensive treatment of Brevard County residents who have mental health and substance abuse concerns. The merger became effective on April 15th.

"The board of PREVENT! of Brevard is delighted that the programs we offer will continue and expand under Circles of Care's oversight", said Darcia Jones-Francey, who served as Chairperson of the Board of PREVENT! of Brevard.

In 1980, a south Brevard grassroots parent support group was incorporated as a community substance abuse prevention organization under the name "COPE" (Concerned Organization of Parents to Educate). Over time, the Organization evolved into a provider of comprehensive prevention, intervention, treatment and support services impacting more than twenty-one thousand Brevard residents each year. In 1994, the Organization's name was changed to PREVENT! of Brevard, Inc. to better reflect its expanded mission and proactive approach to preventing substance abuse, delinquency and family dysfunction.

PREVENT! of Brevard also operates Sally's House, a recovery home for women with children who are recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

Last year, the longstanding CEO of PREVENT! of Brevard, Kay Heimmer, retired. At that time, Circles of Care provided, at no cost, a team of loaned executives to oversee operations at PREVENT!. "Circles of Care and PREVENT! of Brevard have worked well together over the years," said Francey, "and it became very clear that we could help the community even more if we reduced administrative costs by merging".

Circles of Care has been providing comprehensive mental health services for fifty-one years. While they have been providing inpatient detoxification services for adults and children, they largely have referred to PREVENT!, and other local providers, for outpatient substance abuse.

The merger will allow Circles of Care to provide the spectrum of substance abuse services as well. "We're excited about the opportunity to combine our resources to meet the needs of our community", said Jim Whitaker, CEO of Circles of Care.

"Nearly seventy percent of persons with mental health symptoms also have substance abuse issues. You can't effectively treat one without addressing the other".

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                                                                  Contact Information

Darcia Jones-Francey
PREVENT! of Brevard
             James Whitaker
President and Chief Executive Officer
Circles of Care, Inc.
            Jason Wieseler, Psy.D.
Interim Executive
PREVENT of Brevard
Senior Clinical Administrator
Circles of Care, Inc.