• Full Time
  • Community Support Program
  • No. of Vacancies: 1
  • Experience: 1 - 3 Year
  • Posted 3 months ago

As a member of the CAT Team the certified Parent Peer Specialist utilizes knowledge from caring for or parenting children and specialized training with youth experiencing social, behavioral, and emotional issues in order to support current parents and caregivers enrolled in services.

Education/ Training:

          High school diploma or GED

          At least one year of experience working with behaviorally challenging children or children with co- occurring disorders.

          Certification as a parenting peer specialist (register to be certified within one month from hire)

Job Duties:

– Uses their own family experience as a tool to model for families

– Increases families knowledge and skills utilizing evidence-based parenting curriculum when necessary

– Provides information about social, emotional, behavioral, and/or substance use-related resources

– Assists in supporting families in crisis

– Facilitates family-directed services, goal setting, and communicating effectively with other treatment providers using the wrap around approach

-Assists in advocacy within the community 

– Provides practical support to caregivers in regards to day to day issues occurring within the home as they relate to overall family well being

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