Community Support Services

Serving the long-term behavioral health needs of our more severely and persistently mentally ill in the southern and central part of Brevard County, ALC is a highly supervised residential environment with 24/7 staffing that ensures a safe setting in which individuals receive treatment designed to support the Recovery and Resiliency model of partnership with independent living as the overall goal. The individuals we serve, participate in a structured therapeutic program designed to be more intensive and supportive than typical outpatient care. These programs provide a blend of psychosocial rehabilitation treatment, and Behavioral Health Day Services. Work Options, an ancillary therapeutic service to our day programs, offers real, on-the-job opportunities at our facilities for the chronically mentally ill. Case Management coordinates other community services to improve medical care, housing, employment, social relations, and community participation by assessing specific needs and implementing appropriate care planning. Those residential clients whose functioning level improves may graduate to Supervised Apartment in the community while still receiving therapeutic benefit from the other community support programs.

Please call (321) 676-6650 for more information.